Frequently asked Questions

Common questions

What are the conditions for the creation of the industrial park? Who builds it? For how long is it operational for?

Answer: According to the Law of the Republic of Moldova – July 15, 2010 № 182 «On the industrial park» (ro), the state does not build industrial parks, but provides full support for the creation of them, as well as their functioning in the state.
According to the law – the existence of the territory, together with the buildings and engineering software located on it, must correspond to the totality of the following conditions:

a) be free of any encumbrances;
b) not be a subject of debate in the process of reviewing and / or resolution in the courts or by arbitration;
c) to have access to transport links;
d) ensure the possibility of connecting production and technical infrastructure to network engineering support for public use;
e) have a minimum area of 5 hectares;
f) the industrial park will only have its status for 30 years or until all assets and land are bought.

What is the industrial park «TRACOM»?

Answer: it is a production and technical infrastructure area in the district of Buiucani, Chisinau. It covers an area of about 32 hectares. The industrial park carries out economic activities – mainly industrial production, service provision, the development of scientific research and technological developments.

For the investor

Suppose that our company is planning to become a resident of the industrial park «TRACOM». What is the procedure of the selection of residents? Do we have the right to conduct activities in the park as a non-resident? What documents must be submitted?

Answer:  According to the Law on “industrial parks” № 182 from 15.07.2010 (ro) residents are selected in a contest that is run by a special organisation. The subjects that win a place as a resident within the industrial park will then form deals and contracts with the administrative company of the park.
In order to gain a place within the contest, the following documents listed must be submitted:

1) application for participation in the competition, addressed to the Bid Evaluation Committee;
2) in the case of legal persons of Moldova – a copy of the state registration certificate and a copy of the statute certified by their leader, and an extract from the State Register of Legal Entities;
3) in the case of foreign legal persons – a copy of the certificate of registration and a copy of the statute;
4) in the case of natural persons – a copy of an identity card;
5) a presentation of the investment project;
6) a bank declaration confirming the participant’s financial ability to cover up to 25% of the costs associated with the implementation of the investment project;
7) a copy of the payment document confirming payment of fee for participation in the competition;
8) a letter of attorney.

Does the industrial park «TRACOM» have manufacturing, administrative areas, auxiliary areas and enough land for multiple investment projects?

Answer:  Yes, the industrial park «TRACOM» offers the production and administration block, lit. Ş – 10, located in the area.
The block includes:

  • Storey production building with a railway platform;
  • A three-storey administrative building, with a total area of 2864.6 sq.m;
  • Parking.
What are the conditions for buying or renting out land at the industrial park «TRACOM»?

Answer: There is the possibility of buying land at a discount factor of 0.3 to the basic rate. The cost of rent is calculated differently, depending on the condition of the property.

Does the industrial park «TRACOM» offer industrial clusters?

Answer: Not at the moment, however, after researching in detail, we found out that creating industrial clusters would benefit all investors economically. With this information, we have decided to organise and acquire new investors to create new industrial clusters.