The Company Board Of «TRACOM»

The Board of the Joint Stock Company «TRACOM» (hereinafter referred to as the `Company’s Board`) is an elected collective management body that represents the interests of the shareholders in the period between General Assembly` meetings and within its competence, carries out general management and control of the Company`s activity. Its competence, staffing, order of formation and activities are determined by the current legislation, the Company` Statute and Regulations of the Company`s Board approved by the general meeting of shareholders. The Company`s Board is accountable to the Company’s General Assembly of shareholders.

Company`s Board presents to the General Assembly of Shareholders an annual report on its work and activities of the Company, prepared in accordance with the legislation on the capital market, the company’s statute and regulations of the company’s board, as well as the information on the remuneration of its officials. The 5 members of the Company’s Board are elected from among the shareholders and other persons for a term of four-years by cumulative voting at the General Assembly meeting.

The Composition of the Board of the Company:

Chairman of the companies board

șef Direcție administrare corporativă, metodologii și reglementări, Agenția Proprietății Publice

Other members of the board

consultant superior, Direcția administrare corporativă, metodologii și reglementări, Agenția Proprietății Publice

Pluta Elvira
consultant superior, Secția regional proprietate publică Sud, Direcția relații funciare și bunuri imobile, Agenția Proprietății Publice

Principal Consultant of the Economic Policy and Business Division,
Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

Vasile Botica
Head of the Main Directorate for the budget of synthesis for the
Ministry of Finance

The Coordination Council of the Industrial Park «TRACOM»

At a meeting of the Board of JSC «TRACOM» from 24.04.2013 the Regulations were approved on the organization and functioning of the Coordination Council «TRACOM» Industrial Park (hereinafter – Regulations), which define the objectives, the basic functions, duties and rights, as well as the organization of the Coordination Council.

The Coordination Council is constantly working as an advisory body which develops and submits recommendations for the resolution of problems relating to the activities of the residents of industrial park, as well as to the activities of the Industrial Park in general.
The Coordination Council is convened by the Chairman of the Coordination Council (hereinafter – the Chairman) at least once every six months or, as the need may be, to examine and present proposals, in order to resolve vital issues for the activities of residents and of the industrial park.

The Council has the following tasks:

the development of recommendations for improving the human resources policy;

the development of proposals concerning the activities of the Industrial Park «TRACOM»;

the analysis of projects, programs and plans for the development of the Industrial Park «TRACOM»;

to submit proposals for improving the communication between residents and the company, as well as public authorities.

The main task of the Coordination Council — providing support to manage the park through the implementation of the administrative functions of the industrial park «TRACOM».

The Coordination Council has seven members. The number of members of the Coordination Council shall be approved by the Board of JSC «TRACOM».

The Coordination Council consists of a representative of the Ministry of Economy, which acts as Chairman, a representative of the Public Property Agency, two representatives from the Management Company and three representatives on behalf of the residents and the Industrial Park.