the telecommunications infrastructure is a technological system to provide a full range of services – from the delivery of computer equipment and accessories, and their connection to the Internet to maintain the Security Service and System Protection. It includes:

  • a fiber-optic network capacity of 96 fiber lines, distributed in 9 adjacent cabinets to connect users throughout the park. 24 fiber lines are drawn and reserved for other purposes (eg, for other neighbouring businesses);
  • point Inter-Connections (PIC) with two national telecommunications operators – ORANGE and MOLDTELECOM;
  • Unified information access control with CCTV system throughout the park, thus allowing security guards to perform their jobs in a more effective way;
  • Digital telephone exchange for a fixed telephone signal with a capacity of 100 telephones – allowing security personnel to communicate in an easier manner.

Water supply

water is supplied from the municipal water supply system pipe (diameter of 200 mm and has 6 standard atmospheric units in pressure.) The capacity of the water supply system is limited to 240 tons/hr, which fully grants water access to all residents of the park. There are altogether 19 fire hydrants installed throughout the park.
At the park there is one operational borehole that has a capacity of 25m3/hour

Electrical power supply

providing electricity to consumers is carried out from the central distribution substation with a total capacity of 50 MW. On the territory there are also 12 electric current transformers of different capacities: 560, 630 and 1,000 kW. In the park there are 4 distributional substations.

Gas supply

implemented through the distribution point of medium pressure. The gas pipeline is built based upon modern technology: a type of polyethylene pipe with different diameters in the direction of connecting residents. Along the length of the pipeline, there is a timing shield wire so that all residents are grouped into 23 zones of security. Maximum gas flow is 2460 m3/hr. The volume of gas is abundant, thus allowing new residents a supply of gas.


on the territory there are 2 main city sewers (storm and domestic) with a capacity of 900m3/hr.

Roads and railway lines

the area has access to the Chisinau-Balti track by paved highway with a length of 3 km, it also has access to the international motorway, with access to potential markets of Romania and Ukraine, as well as international ports such as Giurgiulesti port of Odessa and Izmail. High transport accessibility to the city – close to public transport and parking facilities.
On the territory, the railway line occupies a length of 0.8 km, also granting access to the railway “Vesternichen” station and Chisinau railway station.