The management company of the “TRACOM” Industrial Park has established as a priority the pro-active support of the residents, by informing the latter about the financing opportunities meant to develop the investment projects implemented on the industrial park platform.

Thus, on January 30, 2020, the first informative event dedicated to the presentation of the World Bank’s Competitiveness Improvement Project (PAC-II) took place, aimed at providing financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Republic of Moldova in the form of grants. The non-reimbursable financial support can be accessed by companies that intend to invest in business development services, value-added activities or processes aimed at increasing export competitiveness. During the presentation, made by Natalia Chelaru, PAC-II grant coordinator, the residents were informed about the mechanism for accessing the funds, the necessary documentation, the eligible activities, as well as the implementation terms, available also on the project page —

The agenda of the event continued with the presentation of the success story of a resident of the Industrial Park “TRACOM” — “Digital Park” — a large-scale project planned in the form of a connection platform of the national and international companies in the field of information technology, developers and start-ups. ups, based on innovation and progress. Digital Park General Manager Aurelia Salicov presented the platform masterplan, urging residents to use the facilities available as event and conference rooms within the industrial park.

Subsequently, Ilie Bucuci, the interim general manager “TRACOM” S.A., presented the company’s plans for the next years with regard to the development of the industrial park, as well as the residents.

“We aim to activate as a unique store for residents, so that we can give you all the necessary support for the realization and growth of the investment projects that you develop in the ’TRACOM’ Industrial Park. Today’s experience will be multiplied throughout the year, so you will be informed about all the funding opportunities available today in the Republic of Moldova in the form of grants, subsidies, loans and guarantees covering the fields of infrastructure, technological development and research, competitiveness and export, energy efficiency and others, “said Ilie Bucuci.

The event ended with an exchange of views on the development of the “TRACOM” Industrial Park in the future, as well as the suggestion to promote cooperation between residents on the entrepreneurial chain.