Currently, more than 85% of the existing assets of JSC «TRACOM» has or is being used. The administrative block, ‘lit.Ş-10’, consisting of the production and administrative buildings, with a total area of 37 795.3 square meters and an adjacent land area of 1.8 hectares, is the largest and the last untapped asset of JSC «TRACOM». It is currently exposed to investment projects.

JSC «TRACOM» – the administrative company of the industrial park «TRACOM», has carried out the reconstruction of the administrative building of the block, ‘lit. Ş-10’. The degree of restoration is estimated at about 60%. All the necessary network for the provision of utility services – water supply, wastewater (sewage), gas and electricity are all connected to the administrative unit.

For the restoration project of ‘lit. Ş-10’, there are two options: