The Platform of the Industrial Parks Employers Association of Moldova hosted the first coordination meeting of the companies managing the industrial parks of the Republic of Moldova in 2020.

Today’s meeting aims to rehabilitate the common communication and cooperation that will take place continuously, because only through the synchronization of the efforts can we achieve remarkable results for all the industrial parks“, said Ilie BUCUCI, Acting General Director of “TRACOM” S.A.

“The agenda of the meeting, which took place on February 5, included the analysis of the normative base in force concerning the activity of industrial parks, such as Law No. 182 of 15.07.2010 on industrial parks, Government Decision no. 652 of 01.09.2011 regarding the approval of the Regulation on the way of conducting the competition for the selection of residents and investment projects for the industrial park, as well as of the Model Report on the activity carried out within the industrial park, etc.

“The industrial parks are going to expand their portfolio of facilities granted to residents to promote themselves as attractive platforms for national and international companies oriented to the market in the Republic of Moldova,” said Constantin CHIȚANU, General Manager “CAAN” S.A.

Following the discussions, the representatives of the managing companies made the decision to come up with a joint draft of amendments to the central public authorities, taking into account the activity of about 10 years activity in the management of the industrial parks. The exercise will aim to improve the legislation, which will have as a final impact the more efficient development of industrial parks.

The next item on the agenda was dedicated to promoting the image of industrial parks. As a result, the decision was made to maintain a centralized promotion of industrial parks within national and international events — forums, exhibitions, conferences, etc. — in close cooperation with the Investment Agency and the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova accredited abroad, as well as the foreign ones accredited in the Republic of Moldova. The representatives of the industrial parks unanimously supported the need to develop a common promotion strategy, aligned with the national strategy for promoting the country’s image.

At the end of the meeting, the managers of the management companies shared their experience and the results of the activity of the last 5 years, as well as stressed the importance of taking over the international experience in the field of industrial parks management in the form of study visits, the first target country in this respect being Romania .

The representatives of the management companies of the “TRACOM”, “CAAN” and “BIOENERGAGRO” Industrial Parks attended the event on February 5, supporting the positions stated by the other industrial parks in the country (“RĂUT”, “EDINEȚ”, “CIMIȘLIA” , “CAHUL”, “FAIP”, “COMRAT”). The organization of joint planning and coordination meetings will follow during the current year.